Getting Ready!

I have slowly been preparing for my trip trying to purchase needed items here and there.  I dropped off a couple of prescriptions yesterday to be filled to take with me while in country.  One was malaria pills that I will need to take daily and the other was an antibiotic in the event I get ill and need it.  Hopefully I won’t need it but just in case I’ll have it.

I was told that I would be doing a lot of walking in Africa and would need a good pair of hiking boots.  I found a decent water proof pair at the Columbia outlet.  I have tried to wear them occasionally so that I can break them in before I go and so far they are pretty comfortable and provide good support.  I was also told that I would basically only need 3 sets of clothes.  The set I will have on, a set that is clean and a set that is dirty.  I purchased a pair of pants that have zippers that allow you to remove the legs and convert them to shorts thus giving me a pair of pants and a pair of shorts in one.  I’m thinking I may purchase another pair of these as they are light weight and fairly inexpensive from Academy.

Lastly, I have purchased a bag pack.  I looked at Academy and while they had a large selection most of the bag packs were either way too big or very expensive.  I found one online for about $25 that is a good size and should allow me to fit everything I need in it and take it as a carry on.  It also has straps that wrap around your torso for added support on long walks.  My plan is to only carry the one bag so that I won’t have much to keep up with and I won’t have to worry about the airline losing my luggage.  I posted a pic of all of these items below.  If you have any tips or tricks that you have learned during your travels let me know and thanks for following along!



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